Last week we were blessed to hear the testimony of Gerrie Thomas, who is a member of Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA, wife to Brandon, and mother of 3 girls. Her experience with God completely changed her faith and how she prays, especially over her children!

Gerrie shared about an evening in 2014, when their oldest two were little bitty, when Gerrie’s father stopped breathing due to falling into a fatal heart arrhythmia. Without even checking his pulse, Gerrie immediately knew he was in cardiac arrest and began CPR, which ultimately saved his life. She did CPR for seven minutes before the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital, where he recovered for a week.

Gerrie is an oncology nurse. When she saw her father slumped down on her couch, she knew exactly what was happening and what to do. And while she performed CPR, she knew he would live! But these understandings didn’t just come from her nursing instincts. It also came from 10 years of dreams about this very situation!

Her dreams began as a college student (even before nursing school) and occured 2-3 times per year until the real event in 2014. She described the dreams as the same thing happening in different places, where her father would collapse and she would administer CPR. The dream would always end before he was revived, so she never knew whether he lived or not. She said the dreams made her sad; they were very close and she was scared to lose him, especially since he had a heart attack earlier in his life – when Gerrie was only 4.

Gerrie credits God for preparing her through her dreams for so many years and so faithfully – whether she was walking closely with God at the time or not. She also recounted other ways she now sees how He was moving and working during the incident. For example, her children were sleeping in close proximity, yet did not stir during the episode which involved a lot of yelling and screaming. Later in the night, her oldest – who was only 2 at the time – woke up and said that they needed to pray for her grandfather. Gerrie believes angels were in their house, watching over her children.

Praise be to God! May this story bless you!

– The Little Fish Project team