Having been raised in the church, I’ve heard the phrase ” Peace like a river ” all my life. I always wondered what that meant exactly because I knew I had never experienced anything like an ongoing peace. 

For me life has always been a little off center, always a little stressed and anxious.  Perpetually waiting for the other shoe to drop. Certainly nothing like a slow peaceful river. So much so that the parable of the sower and the weeds that choked out the word has always kinda bothered me. ( You remember, where the Word took root but all the cares of the world choked it out ) I relate a little to well with that parable.

The reason I’m writing this blog post however is not to talk to about the problem but to share that quite by accident I have stumbled on the Peace that the Bible describes.

Here is what happened. Last year I joined in with other believers for a morning prayer time ( over the phone ). We all committed to praying virtually for 70 consecutive days and it was a lovely experience. Some or most of us began praying out loud in a group for the first time. It was very uplifting and felt really positive. So much so that we decided to keep going after the 70 days were up.

Well that morning time together with the Holy Spirit left me wanting more so I began getting up earlier and earlier to seek God and lo and behold, I found Him. In the daily act of getting up before the world does to reach out to God and talk with Him, I actually found that Peace Like a River that the Bible talks about. And it’s pretty awesome. No REALLY awesome. It has changed my perspective on everything I think.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that everything in my life is going along smoothly ( QUITE THE OPPOSITE ACTUALLY ) But even in the midst of a lot of change and uncertainty, I do get to live in a mostly peaceful attitude. And in this crazy world, that is a pretty big statement.

I offer this up to anyone searching for God for any reason, daily prayer works. And a little bit leads to a lot.

God Bless,