Date: 07-06-2017
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: Marietta Georgia/ Beijing China
Summary: We met a little girl in Beijing China in Sept 2016. She had a large facial tumor growing rapidly. Her doctors gave her months to live. We went headlong after her to save her life. After a long, bumpy, and hard road, we were given permission to adopt her.

Full Story: We were in China to adopt our daughter Maggie in Sept 2016. Through a coincidence with my husband’s work- a nonprofit providing medical care to orphans- we were schedule to spend some extra time in Beijing working with fragile children, specifically, a baby named Wei Er who had a facial tumor. She was often sick and no one knew what her tumor was caused by. She was a precious child and one that we simply couldn’t let go. For months after we got home, my husband worked with various officials in both the US and China to help her receive care. It was clear that we were called to this little girl and specifically we were to do everything in our power to help her. Our God gives all of us value- even those the world forgets about. We knew that this was a special circumstance that God was using for the good of many many people.

In February, her tumor was finally diagnosed as a neurofibroma and at the same time she was given less than 6 months to live. That’s not a typical NF tumor, however due to it’s rapid growth and placement in her cheek and neck, this tumor would cut off her airways or blood supply within months. In April, it was determined that medically the orphanage was not able to provide surgery due the size of the tumor and the particularly complex nature of the tumor. Again and again, we declared that we would do everything in our power to help her. We would hold nothing back- not one phone call, not one email, not one letter or introduction to a doctor, not one DVD of her medical records that we were sending out across the country to medical teams, and not one dollar. We foolishly gave her an American name- even though we had no true claim to her, she was our daughter in our hearts. We would treat her like a daughter of ours, holding nothing back. It was our testimony to who our God calls us to be. We prayed for her daily, begging for her life to be spared, for her to be healed, for someone to come forward who would save her.

China decided to try and find her a family instead of medical care. We quickly prepared our home study documents, updating everything we used for our last adoption. Her file was not prepared for many months. Doors were shut over and over again. Every week there was delay. Every week the journey was bumpy and hard or simply didn’t move forward.

Finally in July, on July 6th, every single door was shut. Her file had been rejected by China’s governing authority as having missed crucial documents. Our file was reject due to a rules change that prohibited us from adopting again so soon after coming home with Maggie. Every doctor we had sent the file to had rejected it. We got the final rejection email about the same time as the email letting us know that we would not be able to adopt.

And then in a single phone call, 30 mins, everything changed. A doctor in Seattle had a team who was willing to perform the surgery. However, all of their charity care was spoken for until the end of the year. We would need to pay out of pocket for her surgery. We were ecstatic! The bill would come in about a week and we would start to fund raise then.

$283,000. At this point, the only thing in the way of saving a life, was 283,000 dollars, just money. This was such good news. Our plan was to raise about 10%-20% of the surgery, and then ask China for approval to take her over. We would get a payment plan for the rest. Within a week, generous contributors came in. They have their own amazing stories of obedience and blessings.

China said, no. No we couldn’t go get her, provide her surgery and bring her back, and furthermore, why would we even want to do that? Who in their right mind would consider such a plan? After all, the $283k didn’t include flights, meals, travel, rental cars, or time in Seattle. We explained over and over again that it was a small price to pay to save the life of a beloved child of God. China said again no. But, they would allow an exception- we could adopt her and they would fix her file. An even better blessing for us than we dreamed of!

Now we are working on her adoption. The journey is still bumpy. The wait is hard. Her story is not over. We got pictures recently that show the tumor’s growth has slowed miraculously. She is 3 months past her terminal date. She is starting to pull up and try to stand. And that $283k? Well now we can use our insurance plan. It’s much less now. In fact, we are just $2,834 from our annual out-of-pocket-max. Instead of a cost of $283,000 that would have only become more, we will have a bill that will not, can not, go above 1% of that. God redeems every little thing. Every. little. thing. We can’t bear to wait as the days go by for our girl to come home. But we know that her story is rife is miracles for a multitude of people. Her story isn’t our story; this is the story of how God loves Wei Er. We just get to have the privilege of watching our God use a tiny precious orphan to give testimony of who He is.
I witnessed this First-hand (I was there!)