We had the pleasure of interviewing a friend, Michele Harris, who experienced God intensely during the first week of her son Reynolds’ life. Michele kept a journal of the week’s events so that she can tell them to Reynolds one day and show him how truly miraculous his life is!

Michele and her husband Brent were told that Reynolds, who was born very suddenly at 34 weeks, would be in the NICU for 6 weeks. The Harrises knew to rely on their faith for each and every milestone that Reynolds needed to meet, as well as their own. They had a wonderful team of medical professionals, but even they were taken aback by the progress of their tiny patient. This family blew past medical odds over and over, so that Reynolds got to go home on day 6 to be with his parents and big sister!

The Harrises credit God for each of the blessings they received throughout this journey. Our favorite parts of this story are:

Numbers. Don’t you love how God shows up in numbers? One of those numbers in this story is 10. Reynolds’ stay in the NICU was divided by 10.

Michele’s mom. This was not mentioned in the video, but Michele’s mom had not previously professed her faith. But she witnessed the answered prayers throughout the week and grew her own relationship with God through prayer. This was incredible for both mother and daughter.

Specific, earnest prayers. Michele and Brent made prayer part of regular conversation all day. It wasn’t extreme and emotional, but simple and humble. They were focused on the needs at hand, and matter-of-factly brought them to God – and asked friends to pray for these things as well.

That this is not unheard of. Many babies are born in as young as Reynolds and some, too, stay in the NICU very briefly. This beautiful story is something that could happen at a hospital – just ask a NICU nurse. This is a testament to God’s daily miracles. And in this case, a lovely report of the powerful prayers going on behind the scenes!

May this post spread a message of hope! Hope for God meeting us where we are, for any and every need we may have. Particularly for His little ones! God bless the Harris family and all those praying parents out there. Welcome to the world Reynolds!