About Little Fish Project

Little Fish Project is a social media platform developed as a place to share how God is moving in our lives. From "God winks" to major miracles, we see evidence that the Holy Spirit is on the move in our community. As prayer team leaders we know just how encouraging it is to hear stories of God’s faithfulness.

Our site has one goal: providing a place to share how God is working in our lives. We do that through Praise Central. Here is where you can tell a story of your own, post a short comment, offer or ask for prayer, invite others to join, or simply read about what God is doing in the lives of others.

We feel that by providing a platform for sharing we can offer encouragement to Christ’s Body. We are so pleased that you have found us and sincerely hope that you join our site.

Joining is very easy. Just click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT tab above, fill in the information and follow the prompts. Voila, you will be a member.

Another aspect of our site is a private group function which offers a "Caring and Sharing" platform for small groups. The goal of this platform is to foster relationships within the group by providing a place to share about your daily with God and give each other encouragement. Each group has the option of having a Prayer Board to manage ongoing prayer requests and praises. This function is ideal for prayer teams, life groups, Sunday School classes etc.  

Contact us at admin@littlefishproject.org for more information on private groups.